Gene Spaulding – First Year of Business

Gene is a current member of the NPMA Wildlife Committee.

Our Story

Great customer service and helping others is just part of who Gene Spaulding is. From proudly serving in the U.S. Army and then running his own businesses, he knows what it takes to deliver professional, reliable, and courteous service. He and his wife, Nicole, always put the customer first and pride themselves on making sure they do all they can to help each customer with what can be a very stressful situation.

The first time Gene assisted another wildlife expert in removing a squirrel that became stuck in a sewer vent and died, the client tearfully thanked them for their help (and gladly wrote a check for the service!). According to Gene, “that moment has shaped my life almost as much as serving in the Army and meeting my wife.” The satisfaction of truly helping someone led Gene to his current career where he and Nicole are making a lot of their dreams come true.

Jumping In

Gene and Nicole brought together their prior business knowledge, experience working with wildlife, and expertise in the pest control industry to create Bobcat Wildlife and Pest Management in 2012 while living in Meridian, Idaho. They moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 2013 and watched their business quickly grow from a negative net worth to living the American dream. With prior experience in franchising, they knew this was the way to help others achieve the same success they are experiencing. Gene’s experience in pest control from Idaho to Texas and Florida as well as the Midwest provides the knowledge to expand the franchise throughout the country.

The Spaulding family owns a medium acreage farm where they enjoy deer hunting, bird watching, and gardening. They let their kids be as loud as they can stand and carve out time to take them mountain hiking and explore national parks. They’re even able to squeeze in an occasional tropical beach vacation during the winter months as well.


Showing others how to seize their piece of the American dream and create their own job security is the culmination of the Spauldings’ dedication to helping other people and their vision for growing the Bobcat Wildlife and Pest Management brand.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” -John F Kennedy